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We're opening a Brewpub in Coffs!

King Tide Brewing is bringing Coffs Harbour its first brewery.

It's been a long journey with years of dreaming and planning, dozens of hopeful sites inspected and rejected, before finally coming across a gem in the heart of the Coffs CBD.

A short detour up Studio Lane, just off Park Avenue brings you to an ex mechanics workshop. An ideal location to build our brewpub. An expansive space, with a mix of outdoors, indoors, split levels and a cool industrial vibe. This is where King Tide will call home.

The heart of the brewpub will be the brewery - a 3 vessel 1,000L steam powered brewhouse, from which we're going to crank out an extensive range of beers.

The soul of the brewpub will be the social space - a restaurant, bar and community venue, serving great food and good times in a killer urban beer garden.

Over the coming months we'll be bringing the site to life, as we work through detailed design and start to get into the fit-out. A number of the big hurdles are behind us (DA, liquor license) but there is still a lot of work ahead. It's tough to have certainty around an opening time, given the current situation the world finds itself in, but we are going to nail our colours to the mast and shoot for a Summer opening. Time will tell...

From here, we'll keep updating you with progress and share the journey with you in this blog and on social media (@kingtidebrewing). We're also going to keep pushing out tasty beer, with some new releases on the horizon.

Till next time.


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